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"Survive The Urban Legend" in Asakusa

[Survive The Urban Legend] 17:00 Game Starts 《Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday》 (Duration 1hr(s)) 17:00 Game Starts

"Survive The Urban Legend" in Asakusa

The Newest Real Escape Game, "Real Trap Action Game: Escape from the Urban Legend” in English comes out on September 15th!

The event is a participatory game played by a maximum of six people.

“It wasn’t supposed to be this way. I just wanted a friend, someone to talk to. A strange dark shadow started following me.
I tried a way to end it, but it didn’t work. If this continues, I will be killed.”
In this town, there is a place called “the house of no return”. The residents have gone missing and all those who have entered have never come out.
Thus, “the house of no return”.
You, the special investigators, have been requested by the police to survey this house. Can you live through the fear, discover the secret, and solve the mystery!?

The game will be held at SCRAP’s facility, Real Escape Room Asakusa.

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