Samurai Training Experience

be a REAL Samurai / Ninja

Adult : JPY 7,000 
6-15YRS or students :
JPY 6,000

Behold, the true power of Japanese ancient warriors. This Samurai training will help you fullfill your dream of becoming a Ninja/Samurai. Put on your samurai outfits and practice how to use katana properly. A souvenir certificate will be given after your training session. Sharpen your spirit and be ready to master some samurai techniques!

IKEBANA Experience

Japanese Traditional Flower Arrangement every MONDAY 10:30am~

Adult (+15YRS) : JPY 6,500

Experience the art of IKEBANA, escaping from the noisy world. Most people think of Ikebana as simply a Japanese style of arranging flowers, but it is much more than that. Ikebana allows us to transform the beauty of nature into our own art, drawing on its beautiful aspects, adding our own ideas, emotions, and reflecting who we are. Why not give this fantastic experience a try if you are in Japan?

Ramen Experience

Make your original Ramen

Per Person (+6YRS) : JPY 2,500

Harajuku’s Ramen Dining JinGu offers you the chance at trying your hand at boiling noodles in a professional timer boiler, torch grilling chashu pork pieces, and arranging / decorating ramen toppings to create your own one-of-a-kind ramen!


Cooking Class in Asakusa

Experience Japanese Culture with your five senses

Adult / Child : JPY 3,780~

With around thirty seats, this shop incorporates a modern design alongside warmth and lighting achieved through use of articles like antique Japanese furnishings, ancient tree-wood and books. They've created a casual space for customers featuring a sort of Kyoto-esque serenity. You can choose your class from Sushi, Okonomiyaki & Yakitori with Sake, and Japanese Macha Tea. Enjoy learning and tasting Japanese dishes you made!

Ultimate Green Tea Experience in Ginza

Try Several tastes, Traditional Tea Time at Jugetsudo

Per Person (+5YRS) : JPY 4,500 

Japanese Tea House "Jugetsudo" is located in Kabukiza tower, Ginza/Tsukiji area. They have 160 years of tradition and experience pursuing the highest quality ingredients along with the spirit of "Cha-Zen". Tea Expert will teach you how to drink and various knowledge of 4 different types of Green tea.

Tenugui Craft Experience

Make Your Own Chusen Tenugui-Cotton Towel

9:30 / 13:30 start : JPY 5,000 

Tenugui are a patterned, thin cotton cloth traditionally used as hand towels. In this workshop, you can make your very own unique Tenugui hand towel featuring a bright and vivid pattern with traditional Chusen dyeing techniques with an English speaking assistant! You can take your finished making textiles back home as nice Japanese souvenir!

Sumo Training Watch

Experience the REAL Sumo

Adult / Child : JPY 7,500

A Rare Experience: Sumo Morning Training Tour! Sumo wrestling is Japan's national sport and a national obsession. Come and watch an actual sumo training session and get a group photo with the wrestlers in the end! All you have to do is relax, sit back, and enjoy watching the real Sumo training. This would be a special opportunity to get up close and almost personal with professional sumo wrestlers!

Tatami D.I.Y Experience

Visit the traditional Tatami store and make your own coasters!

Adult / Child (+7YRS) : JPY 4,500

Tatami is the traditional floor mat using rush that you can easily find in Ryokan (Japanese style hotel). In this tour you will learn about the history of Japan through Tatami fabric. A workshop conducted by the Tatami master artisan, and you will try your hand at the confection to see how good you are at the work. Be focused to create your own master piece and take it with you as a memorable souvenir from Japan.

    WOMB The Best Night Club in Shibuya!

    Special Discount Ticket for the Party People! ¥3,500⇒¥2,800(with 1 Drink)

    Single Ticket (+20YRS) :
    JPY 2,800

    WOMB is well-known as a hot spot for top artists and music fans all over the world and as a club representative of Tokyo. Since opening in 2000, WOMB continues to bring the latest and best in electronic music to fans in Tokyo and serves as the launching pad for resident artists into oversea fame. This plan includes an Admission Fee and 1 Drink on Special Saturday & Sunday Night. Don't miss a group discount as well!

    Geisha Cabaret Theater Roppongi "Kaguwa"

    Includes All-you-can-drink and snacks

    Adult (+20YRS) : JPY 5,500

    Travel back to the glory Edo Era! Watch this dramatic show of Oiran courtesans, Samurai and Geisha dance on the overwhelmingly glittery rotating stage. This 50 minutes show covers all different types of performances, and professional dancers and drag queens will recreate your Japanese fantasia! All-you-can-drink menu includes beer, shochu, whiskey, lemon wine, and other beverages. Delicious dinner courses are also available. You do not need a time machine to time travel.

    Tokyo Bay Yakatabune Dinner Cruise

    Enjoy the views & Japanese cuisine

    Adult : JPY 10,800
    Child : JPY 4,320~

    Enjoy beautiful views of Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree, Odaiba, Rainbow Bridge and other Tokyo landmarks, dining on a tempura and Japanese cuisine with All-You-Can-Drink! An old-fashioned houseboat called "Yakatabune" provides you a special experience.

    Breathtaking Helicopter Cruise Over Tokyo Sky!

    Looking down at glittering Tokyo

    Adult (+13YRS) : JPY 23,700
    Child (3-12YRS) : JPY 16,600

    This is the helicopter night flight you can enjoy the beautiful night view from the dark sky. We believe that you are amazed by plenty of twinkling lights of Tokyo like Jewel that you can see below your eyes. Before and after the flight, you can spend relaxing time at the URAYASU heliport lounge, which has got a wonderful view of seaside from the terrace.


      Authentic Japanese Spa Experience

      Adult (+20YRS) : JPY 19,440~

      Luxurious time with Japanese traditional method in Ginza, Center of Tokyo. A spa where you can experience the healing power, beauty, and health of Japan. WASPA is an authentic Japanese spa experience, full of things to benefit your body and skin, as well as your mind. It treats you to the secrets of beauty and a long life.  

      allys hair in Aoyama

      Hair Cut, Color, Perm+Cut

      Adult / Child : JPY 6,480~

      Bring out the best of you at Aoyama! Our stylish salon will make you feel comfortable and enjoy your haircut. The all staff of Aoyama are well trained and full of great techniques. Our hair stylist will bring out the style that rights for you and bring the best in you to make you feel beautiful. Please enjoy our prompt and courteous service!

      LOLITA Experience


      Female (+13YRS) : JPY 9,800 

      Enjoy the Japanese "Kawaii culture" in Harajuku. Cosplay (Dress up) as a cute Lolita! With brand new outfits every season, wigs, stick on eyelashes and professional hair/makeup artists, you can transform into a completely new you! Capture you new Lolita self in our little fairy-tale themed studio with our professional camera man.

      Studio Wasabi

      Cosplay Photo Shooting & Japanese Traditional Arts

      Adult (+12YRS) : JPY 2,250~
      Child (7-12YRS) : JPY 1,125~

      Pick your favorite outfit out from 50 costumes such as Yukata, Samurai, Anime, School girl, Maid etc. and enjoy photo shooting at the photo studio! There are also Japanese traditional workshops such as Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) and Origami Accessory making.

        Tokyo Miracle Cycling Tour

        Eye-opening journey into stunning Tokyo

        Adult (+18YRS) : JPY 6,000~
        Child (+110cm / 3.7ft) : JPY 5,000~

        Tokyo Miracle Cycling Tours show you Tokyo like nobody else can – with smaller groups, quirky history and amazing photo opportunities. These tours are eye-opening journey through the capital's most bizarre past and present and whether young or young-at-heart, local or tourist, you're certain to have a great time on Tokyo's most comfortable fleet of bicycles. It's the perfect way to start any Tokyo visit!

        Asakusa Kimono Rental + Rickshaw

        《 Strolling plan 》

        Adult / Child (+6YRS) : JPY 6,000~
        Infant (0-5YRS) : JPY 3,000~

        A good value set plan. You can experience Japanese culture in Asakusa with one booking. This plan offers you a set of 《a Kimono rent》 and 《a Rickshaw ride》. Time to return kimono is 17:00. Until this time you can take a free walk around. Please enjoy Japanese culture to the full extent.

        Smelt Fishing with Mt.Fuji's view

        Fish for Wakasagi at the foot of Mt.Fuji
        《3hr course》

        Adult (+16YRS) : JPY 5,000
        Child (4-15YRS) : JPY 4,000

        Stay warm and cozy in our air conditioned Ice shanty boats and in enjoy some quality fishing time! The fishing season of Wakasagi-smelt lasts from fall to spring so you can pick out a lovely clear, sunny day to brush up your fishing skills while enjoy a beautiful view of Mt.Fuji from Lake Yamanaka. don't worry, we provide all tools you need, but don't forget to bring refrigerant or cooler boxes to store Smelts you catch!

        Tandem Paraglider Flight
        with Mt.Fuji's view!

        Fly like a bird with the view of Mt. Fuji

        Adult (+6YRS) : JPY 8,640

        Are you ready to fly up into the sky? The stunning nature greenery view where you can see from up there will take your breath away. Of course, this would be one of the best activities that you could do during your stay in Japan. No worries! We offer Tandem Paraglider flight for those who want to fly under professional tandem pilot control.

        Mt. Fuji base Aokigahara
        Lava Cave Exploration

        Make your way through the Lava Caves!

        Adult (+6YRS) : JPY 5,130

        Trek through the undiluted, raw nature of the infamous "Jukai" forest around Mt.Fuji and explore its frozen lava caves. Make your way through the rare Lava Caves! Uncover a dark and majestic world inside the lava caves with only the light from a flashlight as your guide.

        Canoe Adventure
        with Tokyo Skytree's View!

        Enjoy Canoeing with the famous landmark view

        Adult (+13YRS) : JPY 5,500
        Child (4-12YRS) : JPY 4,500

        One of the most popular outdoor acvities in Tokyo. You are able to enjoy both Canoeing and viewing the famous landmark "Tokyo Skytree". Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Tokyo Skytree from an unusual angle with cherry blossoms in spring, and red leaves in fall. *Minimum Number of Participants 2*

        Japan's No.1 Bungee Jumping!

        Leap from 100M into a bird’s eye view

        Adult (+15YRS) : JPY 15,000

        Excite your inner adventurousness and test your limits with the classic extreme sport! Push yourself to the edge, challenge your fears and take the first step in becoming a new you! Jump off the tallest bungee location (100m) in Japan at the RyujinOhtsuribashi Station. Why not come and test your skills here?