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"From the vast stretches of mountains to the beautiful blue sea, Oita is surrounded by great abundance of nature with fresh and delicious food products from the ocean and the mountains with seasonal flowers and fruits of all four seasons."
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"How beautiful is the changing scenery of the Japanese seasons? How did Samurai culture develop into modern Japanese culture? How did Japan recover from tragedies? You will find answers to all of these questions and more in Nagasaki!"
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Japanese statesman and naval engineer, Katsu Kaishu, once stated; "there are no other castles like Kumamoto castle", praising its intimidating size and height.
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"There is an observatory with a view of the summit midway up the mountain where you can feel the power of the active volcano spewing smoke up close"
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About Visit Kyushu Campaign

Visit Kyushu Special Campain Logo

Part of Kyushu revitalization is amounts of subsidy from national subsidy for Kyushu tourism to help revitalize Kyushu in the wake of quake. The amounts of money which represented in these following tables are based on true subsidy which will be subsidized by national subsidy for Kyushu tourism which could be used to receive significant discounts on accommodations in seven prefectures of Kyushu.

Discount Rates

Amounts of Subsidy (for staying in any following prefectures in Kyushu)
※ Campaign Apply only for 1 reservation.

10 / 1 ~ 12 / 28

The basic tour price
(per 1 person)
6,000Yen 〜 2,000Yen 3,000Yen
10,000Yen 〜 4,000Yen 5,000Yen
20,000Yen 〜 8,000Yen 10,000Yen

・Miyazaki Prefecture and Saga Prefecture discounts are not eligible.


Oita : Popular Sights


Beppu Onsen

Beppu Onsen has been ranked as first in gush volume in Japan and number of sources with variety kinds of chemical properties as if this entire town was a theme park of the hot springs. You can find Onsen spa facilities in everywhere around the town that you not only can take a tour to multiple Onsens but also can enjoy variety highlights of Onsen such as you can experience as if you were among ponds of circulated blood in hell, able to experience in cooking with hot streams of Onsen in this hell studio and etc.

■Access: about 55 minutes by car from Oita Airport


ゆふいん山水館 露天風呂

Yufuin Onsen

Yufuin town is the second place of the famous proud hot spring of Kyushu which located on the flat river basin surrounded by Mt.Yufu or “Bungo Fuji” as the another name of this mountain. Beautiful views of Mt.Yufu can be seen from everywhere in this Yufuin town. And the road from JR Yufuin to Kinrin Lake called as Yunotsubo is a great place for enjoying walking and eating or for strolling as there are many personal art museums, fashionable shops and restaurants scattered around which are very popular among women. In addition, you’re also able to take a rickshaw for taking a tour to tourist spots around as well. This is recommended as the unique style to enjoy the Yufuin town.

■Access: about 55 minutes by car from Oita Airport

Oita : Information provider


Nagasaki : Popular Sights


Huis Ten Bosch

Exotic atmosphere of Dutch’s landscape with splendid flower gardens that bloom all year round, Huis Ten Bosch theme park, is a popular sight-seeing spot in Kyushu with more than 3 million visitors come and visit annually. Good news for robot fans with the new upcoming theme “The Kingdom of Robots” which will be grand opening on this July 16. And highlight recommended for this summer is born of the largest sea water park in Japan "The Kingdom of Water And Adventure" on this July 1 - September 11 !!. And don’t miss the illumination which is 3 years consecutive winning the first place of national illumination ranking "The Kingdom of Summer Lights" on (7 / 1 - 8 / 31) which can be enjoy both day and night!.

■Access: about 55 minutes by car from Nagasaki Airport



Nagasaki night view

As the World Night View Summit 2012 in Nagasaki, Nagasaki was recognized as one of three cities which included Hong Kong, Monaco and Nagasaki as the new three cities with the most spectacular night views in the world. As well as in the World Night View Summit in 2015, Nagasaki also has been elected in the new three best night view cities and be certified as ‘No.1 great night view of Japan!’ with a dynamic landscape rich in interweaving of undulated geographical features and many illumination spots are lighted up.

■Access: about 55 minutes by car from Nagasaki Airport


Battleship Island (Hashima)

Hashima is also known by its nickname “Gunkanjima” (Battleship Island) due to its unique silhouette. This island has been added to the List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites for its historical value based on its industrial heritage in 2015, as a component of "Sites of Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution: Iron and Steel, Shipbuilding and Coal Mining (Japan)." It has also been getting world-wide attention as it was the model for the “Dead City” in the James Bond movie “Skyfall” (2013). "Attack on Titan" (2015) also filmed on this island.

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    Kumamoto / Amakusa
    • 24,400 Yen~
      10,000 Yen discounts
    • 14,400 Yen~
      / 2 people per room

    Kumamoto / Aso
    • 28,900 Yen~
      10,000 Yen discounts
    • 18,900 Yen~
      / 2 people per room

    Kumamoto / Aso
    • 28,900 Yen~
      10,000 Yen discounts
    • 18,900 Yen~
      / 2 people per room

Kumamoto : Popular Sights

Kumamoto Castle

Kumamoto Castle

Stone walls and towers of Kumamoto Castle have been greatly damaged and admission to the castle tower house or Honmaru palace are still impossible. Nevertheless, Ninomaru park and observing from the surrounding has sequentially been lifted a ban already. Let's try to sense the feeling as when Kumamoto people staring at Kumamoto castle before your eyes with the feeling as if the scale of the earthquake again. Able to be seen just now only!

Mt. Aso Nakadake Crater

Mt. Aso Nakadake Crater

This grand caldera stretches 24km from north to south and 18km from east to west. It is surrounded by 4km of rocky surface created by spewing lava. At the center of the caldera nestled among the Aso Gogaku (the five mountains of Aso - Mt. Nekodake, Mt. Takadake, Mt. Nakadake, Mt. Eboshidake, Mt. Kijimadake) is Mt. Nakadake, an active volcano emitting smoke. Although Mt. Aso itself is one of the largest craters in the world, this volcanic mountain alone is a massive crater by itself. It measures; a 600-meter diameter, a 130-meter depth, and a 4-kilometer circumference. You are most-likely to be overwhelmed with the dynamic landscape of this active volcano. Access to the crater may be suspended due to an abnormal activity detected. Please be advised.

Kuma River's Rafting

Kuma River’s River Rafting

Kuma River’s River Rafting is perfect especially for young travelers looking for an exiting outdoor leisure. Needless to say, an instructor will be boarding the raft to guide through the course; that means it’s fun and enjoyable for a first-timer as well. There are two courses: the 90-minute fighting course and the 3-hour all round course. A highly recommended choice for a little bit of excitement on your trip.

Kumamoto : Information provider


Fukuoka : Popular Sights


Hakata specialty stalls

When the night comes, there will be stalls suddenly appear out of nowhere successively around the city. This is a specialty of Hakata, the sense of Fukuoka that nowhere else you can find which always crowded with many after-work local people and tourists. Other than Nakasu area, you can find stalls dotted around in such as Tenjin and Nagahama areas which can be count up to 200 stalls. Not only classical Ramen and Oden, but there are Tempura, Udon, Bar and many kinds of stalls can be found as well. Atmosphere and the price range are also different. So, let’s try to find out your favorite stalls.

Marine World - Uminonakamichi

"Marine World - Uminonakamichi"

Full-length 3m of sharks, sand tiger sharks and etc. in the large spectacular panoramic aquarium as you can sense of the powerful as if in the real ocean. There is a dolphin show 3~6 times per day at marine theater regardless of weather. 450 species of 30,000 marine life, videos, audio equipment and etc. are waiting to entertain you. Let’s come to enjoy and learn with the science hall that will open your exciting experience to explore the flourish ocean with underwater camera and more.


Munakata Taisha Shrine

"Munakata Taisha" Shrine, a power spot which has been officially nominated as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage candidate. Three goddesses of Amaterasu are enshrined in each palace that is Okitsugu, Nakatsugu and Hetsugu. And "Munakata Taisha" is the called name of the collection of these three palaces.

Access: about 60 minutes by car or train from Fukuoka city


Fukuoka : Information provider


Kagoshima : Popular Sights


"Volcanic Sand Bath" of Ibusuki Onsen

Ibusuki area has been known very well as a paradise of day spa. Volcanic Sand Bath which also said as the centerpiece of Ibusuki tourism. World’s rare place which has natural hot springs gushing forth from the beach has been said that there is about three to four times the effect of a normal hot spring. If bury the body in the sand while listening to the surf sound on the beach, you will doze off without knowing. And Tamatebako Onsen is a recommended spa as its popularity that you can enjoy volcanic sand bath and enjoy large beautiful panoramic view at the same time.


Yakushima Island

Yakushima are wrapped in a sacred atmosphere which full of water and greenery. This lush island has been designated as one of World Natural Heritage Site. So, you can see the biological diversity of Japan from the South to the North. Yakusugi or Japanese cedar on the island of Yakushima is typically growing cedar at the altitudes of 500 meters and higher with the age more than 1,000 years. It’s an ancient symbol of Yakushima for welcoming visitors of this island that its appearance doesn’t change since from the past until nowadays.


Amami Oshima Island

The blue transparent sea and a virgin forest which cover Amami Oshima island as it’s also be called as The East Galapagos. The rich of nature of the forest made it become a home of rare species of animals such as Amamino-kurousagi hare, Ryukyu rat, Ruri-kakesu jaybird and etc. which captures the attention of many visitors to the island a lot. And canoeing tour to explore the mangrove forest is also popular. At Night you can also enjoy full of stars wrap up all the sky. And it is also possible to see the shooting stars as well!

Kagoshima : Information provider

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