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Real Escape Game in Asakusa

[Red Room] 19:00 Game Start 《Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday》 (Duration 30 minutes) 19:00 game start

Real Escape Game in Asakusa

This is a Real Escape Game in Asakusa, where you will be trapped inside a room with friends and/or strangers with a mission: to escape the room using the objects, symbols, words, and numbers around you to solve a series of puzzles and make it out of the room before the time runs out.

This is a brand new version of Real Escape Game that successfully overcomes all language barriers. You do not need to know or speak Japanese in order to enjoy the game. None of the puzzles in the game require knowledge of the Japanese language! All you need is quick-reaction and instincts!

The Red Box challenges you with clever puzzles that will open doors until you finally reach the last one.

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