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Rent a Colorful Bike in Harajuku, Tokyo!


Minimum Number of Participants 1
Departure City Tokyo(JAPAN)
Tour Operator Bike Rental Honey Bee

Tour Plans

Bike Rental in Tokyo!

Plan Price
  • 1 Day Plan
  • TYO1106P01C01
  • Special Price! : JPY 3,500
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    • 2 Day Plan
    • TYO1106P01C02
    • Special Price! : JPY 6,000
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      • 3 Day Plan
      • TYO1106P01C03
      • Special Price! : JPY 7,500
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        • 4 Day Plan
        • TYO1106P01C04
        • Special Price! : JPY 9,000
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          • 5 Day Plan
          • TYO1106P01C05
          • Special Price! : JPY 10,000
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            • 6 Day Plan
            • TYO1106P01C06
            • Special Price! : JPY 12,000
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              • 7 Day Plan
              • TYO1106P01C07
              • Special Price! : JPY 14,000
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                Duration Child Policy Allowed Tour Date
                Meals Meal Not Included Time of Day Morning Pick-up Not included
                Guide Language


                Please come to H.I.S. Harajuku Tourist Information Center (Opening Hours 10:00 - 18:00).
                Fill in the application form.
                We will charge you Deposit Fee (10,000 JPY per bike) for security reasons.
                You can choose any of the available bikes at the bicycle parking lot.
                We help you to adjust the saddle height and provide you with a bike lock and helmet.
                Enjoy the Cycling around Tokyo! (Return it to the our shop by specified time)

                Cancellation Policy

                5day(s) before tour date 20 % of total
                After tour date 100 % of total


                1. Customer is 100% responsible for any damage, loss or theft. Including any 3rd party claims resulting from accident or misuse. We do not provide any insurance for the bike or 3rd party claims except where provided by Rental Bike Honey Bee. Please use a lock and ride safe.
                2. Late returns will incur a charge of 3,000 JPY per day, and lost or any damage to the Bike will be subject to an additional fee 30,000 JPY.
                3. Ages 18 and above can participate, or those under age 18 and accompanied by a parent or guardian.
                4. Make sure to lock the bike when parking the bike. Do not park the bike in parking-prohibited areas.
                5. If any accident or theft occurs while renting, please call the police or ambulance right away and then let us know what happened.
                6. We will explain safety concerns so that even beginners can enjoy riding safely. However, we are not responsible for any accident or injury during cycling.