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Privacy Policy

  • Privacy Policy

  • -Clarification of purpose in using personal information
    When the company received personal information, the company need to declare the purpose of use.
    In addition, make sure that the personal information will not be used out of the purpose or without permission from the individuals.

  • -Collection of personal information
    Personal information is voluntarily provided.
    Even if the company requests personal information such as name, telephone and fax number, address, and ID number, the company has to ask permission from the individuals.

  • -Management of personal information
    When the company received personal information, no matter in form of raw data or database creation, the company will carry out appropriate and discrete storage and management.
    For preventing risks such as improper access, loss, destruction, corruption and divulgence, etc. of the personal information received,
    the company has strict internal regulations and education for officers and employees, and strives to execute a security strategy that is appropriate and realistic from both technological and management aspects.
    In addition, when there is a need for improvement arising from the result of internal audits conducted due to security incidents or customer requests, etc., the company will process as soon as possible.

  • -Disclosure of personal information to third parties
    The company will not disclose to third parties the personal information provided by an individual, except for the following cases:
    1) When the individual agrees to the disclosure of personal information;
    2) When disclosure is demanded under laws and ordinances;
    3) In case of disclosure to companies that have executed non-disclosure contracts (service outsourcing partners such as airline companies, local booking companies)
    with the company in advance concerning limited information judged necessary by the company for offering products and services to customers.

  • -Inquiries about personal information
    When an individual requests to view and update personal information that has been provided, the company need to verify the person's identity,
    handle the content of the request within a reasonable period, and inform the individual of the result.

  • -Compliance with laws and ordinances and standard for personal information
    For the purpose of realizing complete protection of personal information, the company strictly complies with laws and ordinances, standards, and its internal regulations with regard to personal information.

  • -Continuing improvement of the company's compliance program for personal information
    Through such methods as internal audits and re-examination of the business by the company's chief executive,
    the compliance program for personal information has been improved continuously and maintained in a ideal state constantly.


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