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The Kumano Great Fireworks, Awa Odori Festival​,​ Seto Inland ​Cruise​ and other ​amazing experience and ​beautiful areas ​to visit​

You will be able to enjoy ​Kumano Great Fireworks​ ​and​ Awaodori ​in​T​​okushima City​ from the charter cruise​ all on this trip​. ​This beautiful navigation route sai​ls​ in the popular Seto I​s​land Sea. ​Let's sail out to a journey to discover "the Summer in Japan".

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Attraction Points
The Famous awaodori in Tokushima on day 2 The Famous awaodori in Tokushima on day 2

It is held in various parts of Tokushima as a summer festival​.​ With 400 years history, ​its name ​is also known to the world​ because of it's long history​. Among them, the most famous ​Awaodori ​is​ known as the​ "Tokushima City Awaodori". ​Put yourself in a matching Yukata​, rhythmically dance with Kajiri (Kana) and Taiko that resound in the midsummer night sky.​ ​During the ​4 days from August 12th to 15th every year, Awaodori 's music sounds ​throughout the town, and ​thousands of spectators are​ dancing bouncing on the rhythm of the scene. ​On this cruise, you will be able to join them and fully enjoy the real pleasure of genuine ”Awa Dance”.

The Famous awaodori in Tokushima on day 2

The tickets to Awaodori sells out in hours from sales. However, we have ​prepared ​this experience especially for the guests on the ​D​iamond​ Prince​ss​​.

Kumano Great Fireworks show on day 6 Kumano Great Fireworks show on day 6

During summer festival​s,​ fireworks with large flowers color the night sky. The biggest Japanese 30 jade​s​ spreads to the sea and the roaring sounds, Kumano Great Fire​ ​works is one of the fireworks ​you cannot pass up.​ ​The best part, you don't have to be with the huge crowd that gather at the venue. ​You can see it from the ship​,​ relax without being caught up in troubles and traffic jams​.

Kumano Great Fireworks show on day 6

Explodes "on water" 2000 ft firework

One of the famous fireworks in Kumano Freat Fireworks is the "Sanshaku Dama (90cm firework ball) " which explodes on the boat, creating a beautiful half round flower on water. when the 90cm firework ball explodes, its diameter is as wide as 2000 ft, the view from the cruise is just spectacular.

The Seto Inland Sea Aegean Sea of Japan

​In this area of the sea, there are 3,000 kinds of islands​,​ large and small​. ​Some are uninhabited islands and small islands only a few meters around​.​ To see all the small islands creating one beautiful view is just simply amazing. The figure ​of the diamond princess passes through two bridges is a masterpiece.

The Seto Inland Sea Aegean Sea of Japan The Seto Inland Sea Aegean Sea of Japan

Kurushima Kai Bridge Ohashi

A long bridge linking Oshima floating in Imaji City and the Seto Inland Sea. The total length is 4105 m​eters and​ the height of the bridge girder is 65 m​eters​. The Kurushima Strait is one of the biggest oceanic difficulties, as it was dubbed, "Kurijima, Naruto, two and Nagarono, three and sharp, Majunseo Seto (Kanmon)" from the old days, Japan's three greatest ripples alongside the Naruto Strait and the Kanmon Strait It is one of the currents.

Enjoy Busan, Korea in the Evening Enjoy Busan, Korea in the Evening

On​ this​ cruise, you can enjoy Busan in the evening as it enters the ​port in the ​evening and departs late at night. You can ​enjoy the night view from Busan Tower, experience the vibrant city in the night market, ​so many things you can do, the time will fly!

Osaka bright and bustling Osaka bright and bustling

A city that is ​known for food, culture and laughter such as Japan's top skyscrapers and film theme parks. Summer vacation's​ popular spots such as the Osaka Aquarium can not be overlooked​ either.​Disembarkation in Osaka is also possible at the same rate. (Please request at reservation)

The Port of Shimizu Japan’s 3 most beautiful ports. The Port of Shimizu Japan’s 3 most beautiful ports.

We will stop by the Shimizu port, while enjoying the view of Mt.Fuji, a world heritage.​Disembarkation in ​Shimizu is also possible at the same rate. (Please request at reservation)​

Japan Cruise Special Events
Tokyo Symphony Orchestra's ​special mini concert
Japan Cruise Special Events

Special stage of ​songs​ and danc​es by three former Takaragenne​actresses. Hosting ballroom dance event "Fureai Ball in Diamond Princess"

Day1 Sat, Aug12
Passengers board the Diamond Princess at Yokohama Port Pier in the afternoon
Yokohama Port (17:00) To Tokushima
Day2 Sun, Aug13
Arrive at Tokushima (11: 00)
Tokushima city Awa dance viewing (with transfer)
Tokushima (23: 59) boat To Busan
Day3 Mon, Aug14
Seto Inland Sea Cruising
To Korea Busan
Day4 Tue, Aug15
Kanmon Kaikyo Cruising
Korea Busan (18: 45) Please enjoy your stay
Korea Busan (23: 59) boat To Osaka
Day5 Wed, Aug16
All day voyage
(You can enjoy onboard entertainment etc.)
Day6 Turs, Aug17
Summer festival onboard!
View Kumano fireworks display from boat
※ In Kumano we will anchor offshore and not land
Day7 Fri, Aug18
Osaka (09: 00) Please enjoy your stay
Osaka (22: 00) boat To Shimizu
Day8 Sat, Aug19
Shimizu (15: 00) Please enjoy your stay
Shimizu (22: 00) boat To Yokohama Morning
Day8 Sat, Aug19
Arrive at Yokohama in the morning, and is the end of the cruise!
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