Homestay / Study in Japan

Why Homestay with Us?

Why Homestay with Us?

24Hour English Support

We provide 24 hour support to those who participate in our program. If there is any emergency during your stay, we are here to help!

Free Time + Japanese Cultural experience!

Why Homestay with Us?

Unless you have school or a cooking class, how you spend your stay is up to you. As long as you communicate with your host family, you can go out and explore Japan as you like! But when you get back, you have a warm family waiting for you at home.

Why Homestay with Us?

24Hour English Support

We have over 3,200 families around Japan who are welcoming students with great hospitality. We visit every single family at their home to check the environment and makes sure that it will be a great match for both the student and the host family.

24Hour English Support

Why Homestay with Us?

We offer two schools to choose from to add additional language and cultural study to your homestay: the Intercultural Institute of Japan in the heart of Tokyo, and ISI Kyoto in the heart of Japan's ancient capital. Both offer personalized study experiences for either short or long stays!

ISI Kyoto ISI Kyoto
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Compare and Choose!

We offer 2 different types of homestay/short term study plans.
Compare and choose whichever fits you the best!

Why Homestay with Us?
  Homestay Homestay + Short Term Study
Number of Days* From Weekend Stay to 1-4 weeks 1-12 weeks
School NO Yes
Budget weekend stay
(approx. $269)
1 week stay
(approx. $980)
Host Family Yes
Meals Yes
Support 24/7

*Due to safety regulations, you must be at least 15 years of age at the time of homestay.
*If you prefer a longer stay, please let us know!
*Weekend (Fri.-Sun.)

*excluding tax

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Voices from Participants!

Voices from Participants!

Kailas Johnson

Living in a homestay instead of an apartment was one of the best decisions I made on this trip. My host family was kind and welcoming and within a week I felt like a true member of the family. The two chidren were so much fun. They soon called me big brother and we would play together every day. My family only speaks Japanese so my Japanese has improved so fast.

Voices from Participants!

As well as this my host mother would cook delicious Japanese food for us every night and even asks me what I would like most for dinner. On some nights I would cook and everyone would gather round so I could teach them my recipes. I can’t think of any better advice to other Japanese exchange students than to stay with a host family. They will always be a second family to me.

Voices from Participants!

Catherine Le

Staying with the Shimoji family while in Japan was an amazing experience. Throughout mystay they were very accommodating and genuinely cared for my well being, always asking if there were any foods I would like to try, anywhere I would like to go. My Japanese also greatly improved as they also helped with me my homework. The homemade food was always delicious and they always made sure to cook me something new to try.

Voices from Participants!

I was always immersed in their culture and had the opportunity to experience it all. They were the nicest people and I was so glad to have met and been given the opportunity to stay with them.

Sasha Barbour

I loved the homestay program (March, 2017) and my host family (lived in the Kita Shinjuku area) so much so that I have planned to return to Tokyo in the fall of this year. I would definitely recommend HIS’s homestay/study program as a way to immerse oneself in the Japanese culture. The course work was intensive and enabled the students to converse in basic Japanese.

I think that the 5 week period of my stay was not enough to advance beyond the basic language skills, however, a student’s progress depends on the effort expended and the ability to quickly grasp the alphabet (hiragana, katakana and a bit of kanji) and the basic grammar lessons. Of course, with the homestay, one has the ability to practice at home and the host family was very patient with me.

Some of the things I did, courtesy of my host family, was visit Asakusa Temple, enjoy a Tokyo Giants baseball game, and delighted in the Japanese cuisine a various restaurants around the Shinjuku area.

Tokyo has so much to offer that a return trip for a longer period of time should be contemplated by all.

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Homestay Only

Arrangement fee (1person) 18,000 yen ($186)+tax
Arrangement fee (2people) 27,000 yen ($279)+tax
Arrangement fee (3people) 36,000 yen ($372)+tax
Homestay (with Breakfast & Dinner) 4,500yen /night ($47/night)+tax
Airport pickup 16,000yen ($165)+tax
Cooking Lesson 8,000 yen ($83)+tax
High Season Charge(Dec23-Jan03) 2,000yen /night ($21/night)+tax

Homestay + Study

Tokyo School

Week(s) Price
1 103,860 yen ($1,082)+tax
2 162,880 yen ($1,697)+tax
3 221,900 yen ($2,311)+tax
4 280,920 yen ($2,926)+tax
5 339,940 yen ($3,541)+tax
6 398,960 yen ($4,156)+tax
7 457,980 yen ($4,771)+tax
8 517,000 yen ($5,385)+tax
9 576,020 yen ($6,000)+tax
10 635,040 yen ($6,615)+tax

Kyoto School

Week(s) Price
1 N/A
2 167,400 yen ($1,744)+tax
3 221,700 yen ($2,310)+tax
4 276,100 yen ($2,876)+tax
5 330,400 yen ($3,442)+tax
6 384,700 yen ($4,007)+tax
7 439,100 yen ($4,574)+tax
8 493,400 yen ($5,140)+tax
9 547,800 yen ($5,706)+tax
10 602,100 yen ($6,272)+tax

Model Plan A:

1 week homestay only, 1person
Arrangement fee: 18,000 yen
Homestay fee: 4,500yen X 7days
(with breakfast & dinner)
Airport pickup service: 16,000 yen
Total: 65,500 yen (Approx. $669)

Model Plan B:

3 week homestay + school, 1person
School Package: 221,900 yen
Total: 221,900 yen
(Approx. $2280)
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How to Plan a Homestay / Study!

1. Contact Us!

We will tell you everything you want to know about homestaying.

2. Decide on details

When, how long, which area, school or just homestays… we will send you an application form to fill out.

3. Payment

Due at least 1 month before the departure

4. Host Family decided

1-2 weeks before departure

5. Needed documents are sent to you

1 week before departure

6. Travel to Japan and meet with the host family!

For a smooth meet up, we suggest our airport pickup service.

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