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Rural Beauty

Akita Prefecture, or Akita-ken, is a large prefecture located along the Japan Sea Coast of Japan. Mountainous, rugged, and traditional, the prefecture still remains one of Japan's places of natural beauty. 

Mototaki Waterfall

Most of the economy is still structured around traditional industries like fishing and agriculture- especially rice production. Akita is well-known in Japan for having the highest sake consumption of any prefecture, and they also produce high-quality sake, which is also a product of rice. 

For visitors, Akita has popular hot springs and festivals that give a glimpse into rural, traditional Japan. 

Nyuto Onsen in particular is considered one of the finest onsen in Japan by many.

The Hachimantai region that surrounds it is a natural wonderland of wide volcanic landscapes and brilliant open scenery- perfect for drivers, hikers, and anyone who wants to see Japan's countryside.

The Shirakami Sanchi, listed as a World Heritage Site, is a rare specimen of nature while also offering a primodial experience, the last remnant of the beech forests that in ancient times covered most of Northern Japan, and one of the finest preserved virgin beech forests in the world.

Akita can be reached by the Akita Shinkansen, a good choice for JR Pass users, or even faster and cheaper by the domestic flight and hotel package HAnavi. Akita Prefecture has two airports, Akita Airport and Odate-Noshiro Airport. The former is the best for reaching Akita City, while the latter is the best for going to the Shirakami Sanchi and Hachimantai. You can look for some HAnavi deals here, or just contact one of our agents to help you set up your trip! → withyou@his-usa.com

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