Henn na Hotel is the “first ever robot-staffed hotel”

Experience efficiency and convenience at
the Henn na Hotel.

Henn na Hotel incorporates advanced technology into their hotels for a comfortable stay, making it a great option for business trips.

A new experience, Henn na Hotel strives for efficiency and environmental friendliness, and is committed to redefining the way we view hotels. Once you stay here, the whole hotel experience will never be the same again. Guests can enjoy some of the newest modern technology in their rooms, and it’s a great experience for both single guests and whole families too!

Unique Features of Henn na Hotel

Introducing state-of-the-art technologies, Henn na Hotel is the world-first hotel staffed by robots. Here are some unique features.

Henn na Hotel Guest room

Guest Rooms

Each guest room is equipped with modern technology that maximize efficiency. Rooms have motion sensor technology that automatically turn off lights when not in use and air conditioners that use radiant panel technology. Key cards are a thing of the past with face recognition technology at the Nagasaki location! Have your own private concierge robot in your room at the Maihama location! Guest rooms each come with a Toyobo mattress bed that uses is created to maximize comfort, and each room come with other advanced, functional amenities as well.

Henn na Hotel Amenities and Handy

Amenities and Handy

Amenities may differ slightly based upon the hotel location and may not be available in all hotels. Each hotel has some unique and useful amenities however, like the use of Chromecast, where guests can enjoy contents from their smartphone on a big tv screen, and the use of the smartphone “handy” that guest can use to during their stay. The phone has access to free domestic and international calls, as well as the internet.


The first “Henn na Hotel” opened in March 2015 in Huis Ten Bosch (Nagasaki, Japan) which was then followed by Maihama (Chiba, Japan) and Laguna Ten Bosch (Aichi, Japan).The newest addition in the Nishi Kai location (Tokyo) that opened in December 2017 and the Ginza location that just opened February 1st of this year.

Hamamatsucho, Tokyo

Henn na Hotel Ginza Tokyo

Henn-na Hotel Hamamatsucho

Ginza, Tokyo

Henn na Hotel Ginza Tokyo

Henn-na Hotel Ginza

Nishikasai, Tokyo

Henn na Hotel Nishikasai tokyo

Henn-na Hotel Nishikasai

Maihama, Tokyo Bay

Henn na Hotel Maihama

Henn-na Hotel Maihama

Laguna Ten Bosch, Aichi

Henn na Hotel laguna

Henn-na Hotel Laguna Ten Bosch

Huis Ten Bosch, Nagasaki

Henn na Hotel Huis Ten Bosch

Henn-na Hotel Huis Ten Bosch

1st Henn na Cafe in Shibuya

Hen na Hotel Front

The Henn na Cafe is the next addition to our family of robot-staffed services. At the Strange cafe, people can enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee courtesy of a robot! This will increase speed, as the robot will be able to quickly perform certain jobs so that human personnel can focus on other tasks. This enables us to offer high quality coffee at a low price, a win for everyone!

Henn na Hotel Henn na Cafe

More Locations to Come

Henn na Hotel has plans to open a total of 7 hotels for leisure starting from the Tokyo area followed by Osaka, Kyoto, Fukuoka and many parts of Japan.

Henn na Hotel Asakusa tokyo
Henn na Hotel Asakusa
Henn na Hotel Haneda tokyo
Henn na Hotel Hakata
Henn na Hotel Shinsaibashikita
Henn na Hotel Shinsaibashikita
Henn na Hotel Kyoto
Henn na Hotel More

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