Miyagi, Japan Aug. 18 Fri 2:25AM

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Miyagi Prefecture, or Miyagi-ken, is located in the southern Tohoku Region, and is home to Sendai, the region's largest city. Miyagi is also well known for Matsushima, a town on the Pacfic coast with beautiful views, which is known as one of Japan's three most scenic views.

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Miyagi Prefecture was one of the the worst hit regions during the tsunami of March 2011, and is still in recovery today, though the region has received support through tourism and rebuilding efforts internationally and within Japan. 


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Miyagi Prefecture is in the central part of Tōhoku, facing the Pacific Ocean, and contains Tōhoku's largest city, Sendai. Sendai is also the second largest city north of Tokyo.The most famous festival in Sendai is Tanabata, which attracts more than 2 million visitors every year and is the largest Tanabata Festival in Japan.

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