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About Osaka

Osaka is flashy, bright, and bustling. Osaka is at once, both a business center and a mecca of shopping centers and entertainment. Walking around in Osaka means there is enver a shortage of things to do. The dazzling lights, shopping malls, delicious restaurants, and lively nightlife awaits you here.

One of Japan’s economic powerhouses, Osaka has been a flourishing port since the 5th century. It was one of the earliest gateways into Japan from Korea, China, and the Asian continent beyond. These exchanges led to advancement in knowledge and technology, as well as the beginnings of Buddhism in Japan. For centuries, Osaka served as an important point between the two ancient capitals, Kyoto and Nara in addition to its role of international exchange.

Today, it’s Japan’s second-largest city. Rather than a smaller version of Tokyo, Osaka holds its own- Osaka even has its own distinct dialect and cuisine. Fiercely original and fun, Osaka is the place to let loose and enjoy. Bright lights are synonymous with Osaka. It is a city that reminds of Japan's progress and Japan's future. Ideally situated next to Kyoto, Japan's link to its history, Osaka is gleefully situated in contrast. Warm people, rich culture, and opportunity for growth and change define Osaka. 

Where To Go


Dotonbori is a famous tourist destination in the Namba district of Osaka. There are many shopping centers, as well as many palces to get delcious foods. The area is always bright, with neon signs lighting up the area at night. This is a popular destination for those who enjoy the bustle of busy nightlife- Dotonbori is one of the main places in Osaka where you can enjoy nightlife.


Umeda is the business district of Osaka with tall buildings and skyscrapers, coompleting the business vibe. Umeda is home to one of Osaka's most famous landmarks, the Umeda Sky Building with the famous floating garden. There is also plenty of department stores to get your shopping done.

What To Eat

When it comes to food- nowhere else in Japan does it like Osaka. Osaka is named “Japan’s Kitchen” for a reason.

What To Do

Because Osaka is such a busy area, there is no shortage of things to do or see. Check out some optional tours available within the area!



Colorful and crazy, Shinsekai is a distinct area in Osaka where visitors can experience the city's cuisine, shopping and culture. Just walking around the area guarantees some fun times and interesting discoveries.


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