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What does HIS offer?
HIS is a travel agency that can assist you with all your travel needs. We offer assistance with transportation, flights, things to do, and hotel stays among many other things.
What is the best way to contact you?
You can contact us by phone or email, whichever is comfortable for you!
Phone: 1-866-447-1872 (Toll Free)
I started my trip, but I need some help. Who should I contact now?
With many of our branches throughout the world, we are always ready to support you!
List of US Branches:
Click here for our US Branches
Do you have tour packages other than Japan?
Yes we offer tours to many places around the world. Just call or ask an agent, and we will be happy to help.
Do you only have group tours or can I organize a private tour for my own group?
While we offer a wide range of group tours, our agents can help you plan a customized trip as well. We also can arrange for private tours, so please ask an agent for details.
Are there age restrictions for your tours?
Our tours do not generally have any age restrictions, however those who are under 18 should you caution before booking and consult with an agent beforehand.
Can I make changes/add days/shorten days to my tour?
You cannot leave early nor make changes to the itinerary on a group tour, but you can extend your stay past the duration of the original tour. However hotels, meals etc will have to be arranged separately either on your own or with an HIS agent.
How do I find out about visa requirements?
If you are a US citizen visitng Japan for a short period of time for tourism, you will not need a visa. If you are planning on visitng Japan for a longer period of time, or othe countries, please visit the official government websites to see if you are required to get a visa.
Can I reserve a tour for someone other than myself?
Generally, for security purposes, the credit card used to reserve a tour must match the participants name. There are exceptions where an agent can help organize a tour, so please ask them for details.
How do I sign up for your newsletter?
You can sign up for our newletter here!
What is an E ticket?
An "E" ticket is an "Electronic" ticket, which allows you to travel without a hardcopy of your ticket. Just remember to bring your passport when you check in to receive a printed boarding pass in order to proceed through the security checkpoints to your flight.
Why do my search results show different fares from your ads?
Airfares change every day depending on many factors such as availability, dates, and departing/arriving cities, so depending on your desired itinerary, the fares may vary from our ads.
I just booked my flight online. How wilI know if my reservation was successfully made?
After you've booked your flight and have reached the confirmation page, you will receive a confirmation email shortly at the email address you have entered during the process.
How can I change my reservation?
Flight reservation changes may or may not be allowed based on your airlines policy. Please check with your agent and your airline before purchasing your ticket.
Can I accrue or use mileage points with the flight that my agent has booked me?
The agents are able to take mileage numbers for you. If you book online, you will have to put it in on your own at carrier website or at the time of check in. We are not able to book yout flight using your mileage.
I missed my flight. What should I do?
Usually a missed flight is at the expense of the customer, but there are exceptions. It is best to check with the airline beforehand for their policies on a missed flight.
Do you offer refunds for delayed or cancelled flights?
Depending on the circumstance, airlines must offer alternatives or a refund should their plane be delayed or cancelled. However, HIS is not responsible for any unforseen circumstances
Does my flight charge a departure tax?
Most air tickets should already have the departure tax included within the price
Can I change the name of my reservation?
Unfortunately, name changes are not allowed once the reservation has been booked.
What do I need to bring for my flight?
Please remember to bring your passport and a valid form of ID. There may also be visa requirements that you need to bring. Our agents will inform you at your time of booking.
What is a JR Pass?
A Japan Rail Pass, aka JR Pass, is a rail pass that offers unlimited rides to foreign tourists on the JR train for one, two or three weeks. It is much more cost-efficient and convenient than buying individual tickets, which will definitely help you make the most out of your Japan trip!
How do I buy the JR Pass?
Our agents can help set you up with a JR Pass or you can purchase them at select train stations and airports in Japan. You can also visit our website here:
Can I decide later in Japan if I want to buy it or not?
Because JR Passes are intended for non Japanese citizens, it is difficult to purchase one in Japan. However there are select stations as well as the airport that do have them available for sale. Please be aware that the price will most likely be more expensive there.
Can I ride any trains with the JR Pass?
Any train that is operated by JR railway network is accessible. Private rail lines and shinkansens such as Nozomi and Mizuho Shinkansens are not available to ride with the JR Pass.
What are the rates for the JR Passes?
The rates for JR Passes differ weekly based on the exchange rate. Since the exchange rate fluctuates, the prices for the JR Passes fluctuate as well.
Click here to see the full price list.
Who is eligible to buy the JR Pass?
Non-Japanese citizens who enter Japan as a "temporary visitor" with a stay of under three months are eligible to purchase a JR Pass. Those who are Japanese nationals may be able to obtain a JR Pass but there are strict restrictions and conditions in place.
What is a Green car?
The Green car is the train equivalent of first class. There are more amenities in a green car than an ordinary car.
How do you count the number of days?
Your JR Passes are available as a 7, 14, or 21 day pass. It is considered active from the day you use it, regardless of the time. If you use your JR Pass at night, that will still qualify as a whole day's use, and the following day will be the start of another day.
I lost my ticket
If a JR Pass is lost or stolen, you must purchase a new one because JR Passes cannot be reissued.
I didn't use it, can I get a refund?
If your voucher has not been exhanged, a JR Pass can be refunded within a year of purchase but you will be charged a 10% service charge fee
I misspelled my name. Can I still use it?
It is best to have your name on the JR Pass match the name on your passport. However if your middle name is not included on your JR Pass, it should not be a problem as long as your first and last name match
How long in advance can I buy the pass?
90 days
Can people with dual citizenship purchase a JR Pass.
Yes, but you must use your non-Japanese passport to purchase and obtain your JR Pass.
For all other Japan Rail Pass Questions, visit or
What if I my flight arrives well after the check-out time?
Each hotel's check in policy differs, so it is best to call your hotel to notify them beforehand or let your HIS agent know in advance
Do I need a credit card/debit card to book a hotel room?
Yes and the name on the card must match the person staying in the room.
Can I add nights to my hotel stay?
It is possible to add nights but it depends on your hotel's availability. It is best to let your agent know well in advance if you'd like to add a night so that an agent can reserve another night asap
Are there any cancellation charges?
Each hotel's cancellation policy differs but our travel agents will inform you at the time of your purchase. Packages and optional tours also have cancellation policy according to the product, so please double check them at the time of purchase
Can transfer to my hotel be arranged?
Yes it may be possible for hotel transfers to be arranged so please ask your agent.
Do all hotel stays come with breakfast?
Because breakfasts usually depend upon hotel policy, it is not guaranteed that your hotel stay will come with a complimentary breakfast.
Can I bring pets along with me to the hotels? Service animals?
Generally we do not recommend bringing pets to any hotel, as most hotels are not pet-friendly. For those with a service animal, please consult with an agent beforehand.
How old must you be to check into a hotel?
When booking with HIS, we require parental consent for those under 18 years of age. Please check with an agent before booking.
I have free days on my tour. What can I do?
HIS offers various types of optional tours in all of our tour locations, so there is never a shortage of things to do
What kind of optional tours are available to me?
HIS has all of their optional tours listed on our site. Additionally, you can ask your agent for details to find the right options for you based upon where you are staying.
Can I reserve an optional tour during my package group tour?
If your package tour comes with a free leisure day, you may reserve an optional tour during that day. Unfortunately, we are unable to make any changes to a preplanned group tour.
Should I rent a WiFi hotspot? How much public WiFi are available in Japan?
We recommend renting a WiFi hotspot because access to public WiFi is limited in Japan. We offer different options for WiFi rental so ask your agent to find the best plan for you.
Click here for details
Would I be able to rent a hotspot in Japan?
You should be able to find other companies at the airport or other locations, however we cannot guarantee that they will have stock, be open at the time of your arrival.