pass What is JR Pass?

JR pass is a useful and cost-effective rail pass. The pass allow unlimited rides on almost all JR trains, including shinkansen (bullet train). Hence, it is highly recommended for tourists who plan to travel around different prefectures and cities in Japan.
This rail pass is for non-Japanese tourists on a temporary visitor visa and  and Japanese citizen, who is currently living and is officially qualified to permanently reside in a country other than Japan/ or married to a non-Japanese residing permanently in that country.
There are All Japan rail pass and specific area rail passes.

1) I will visit Japan for xx days, and will visit Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka (for example), do I need to buy JR Pass, or it will save my Money ?

It depends on the route or the plan of your tour.
A 7-day-pass costs more than a one way ticket from Tokyo to Osaka by shinkansen. Hence, JR pass is considered cheap when you plan to return to Tokyo (or go to other destination such as Hiroshima, Fukuoka,…) within the valid period. 

JR Pass is cheaper

2) Can I buy the JR Pass after I arrive Japan ?

It depends on the Pass type.
JR Pass All Japan cannot be purchased from Japan. Therefore you need to buy it before coming to Japan. Other area passes, such as JR East pass/ JR Kansai area pass, can be purchased in Japan. You will need to purchase it from specific JR station offices, during working hours. We strongly advice  you to purchase your passes before arriving in Japan. You may want to discuss with the person in charge from our overseas branches to help you selecting 
the most suitable pass.

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3) Can I use ALL trains and Bullet trains if I buy the JR Pass ?

You can use most of JR trains and shinkansen, except the Mizuho shinkansen and Nozomi shinkansen.
There are other shinkansen trains can be used, which will help you to move around easily, safely and super quick between the major cities in Japan.

4) Can I upgrade the Pass to Nozomi or Mizuho ?

You cannot upgrade the rail pass to ride Nozomi or Mizuho. If you want to ride the Nozomi or Mizuho shinkansen, you need to pay a full ticket, not just the differences. 

5) Can I use Green car although I bought and have the ordinary ?

You can ride Green car with the ordinary JR Pass. But you would need to pay the supplement for it. The difference between the ordinary pass and the Green Car fare are based on the distance and/ or the shinkansen type.

(Please read our previous blog about the difference between the Ordinary car and Green Car seats

Green Car

6) Can I lend my JR Pass to others to use it once or twice ?

The Japan Rail Pass can be used only by the person whom his/her name is printed in the pass. You must present your ID (passport) to JR staffs if required, in order to confirm the ownership of the pass. Therefore, please have your passport with you at all time while travelling with JR pass. 

7) Where can I change my Exchange Order to Rail Pass ?

You can exchange the Exchange order at any major JR stations, or main international airports in Japan.
You can exchange your Exchange Order and receive your pass at the airport; and use it right after. Below is the list of some places where you can exchange your Exchange order:


 pass How-to exchange JR pass

8) Can I reserve Shikansen ticket as JR pass holder?

Answer : 
Yes. You can reserve your shinkansen ticket in advance at this website >> Click